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Compliance with tax and VAT regulations

More transparency on the part of companies, more effective control mechanisms, higher liability and penalties: Recent developments in corporate taxation have been shaped by these trends. To help you meet these requirements, our experts will assist you in fulfilling all your obligations to comply with general tax regulations and VAT compliance in particular.

Are you part of the top management of your group?

We will help you ensure a level of tax compliance satisfactory to the tax authorities, avoid reporting or reporting deficiencies that could affect your company’s institutional image, but also reduce the risk of a tax audit of your company.  


Are you part of the administrative and financial management of your company?

To ensure the quality of the data submitted to the tax authorities, we test and revise your tax systems for information collection and internal control. To relieve you of the burden of your declaration obligations, you can outsource the preparation, drafting and documentation of all your tax declarations to our team, if desired in the language used within your group. To mitigate your company’s tax risks, we can perform blind audits or tax compliance reviews. 


Are you part of your company’s tax department?

In order for you to dedicate your resources mainly to the strategy of improving the overall tax situation of the company, analyzing the tax implications of certain business decisions and creating a complete added value for your organization, we take care of the entire process of preparing, drafting and documenting all your tax returns. Together with our Risk, Compliance & Digital consultants, we organize and conduct annual tax compliance audits, enabling your company to reduce the risk of a tax audit. 

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