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Our experts have a strong expertise, with a rich and diversified experience, acquired through several years of practice in the service of large groups, but also of ETI, SMEs and VSEs.

We also assist managers and executives in a wide variety of sectors (automotive, chemical/pharmaceutical industry, consumer goods, transport/logistics, luxury goods, construction and real estate, restaurants, etc.). 

 We will be able to provide you, on a case-by-case basis, with solutions that are fully adapted to your needs and challenges.  

 Our approach to the whole range of employment law issues is resolutely pragmatic and personalized, but also global: 

  • Corporate life / HR expertise 
  • Vision of the company / CSR 
  • Optimization of strategic positions 
  • Social dialogue 
  • International mobility  
  • Change management / Reorganization 
  • Defense of the company 


In the event of related needs, we have the capacity to mobilize the appropriate expertise (legal, HR, IT, etc.), within the Coffra group and/or its network of partners. 

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