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Our commitments

On a daily basis, whatever your problem, you can count on our unfailing support.



A range of complementary expertise

Audit, finance, accounting, restructuring, taxation, legal advice, personnel management… At Coffra group, we skillfully combine our complementary expertise thanks to the involvement of our employees, who share a true sense of support and professionalism.



A global and integrated solutions offer

Our vision of consulting is to constantly adapt, to build tailor-made solutions in an agile manner, to remain open to the world in order to understand and anticipate the future, in short, to have THE solution to meet your needs.



A logic of partnership with our international clients

80% of our clients are international groups, the vast majority of which are of Franco-German origin. Because we have the ambition to accompany you in the long term, we help you build your future together, hand in hand, in good times and bad. A partnership based on empathy, openness, pragmatism and the availability of our staff.



A fulfilling work environment

At Coffra group, we pay particular attention to making our work environment friendly. For our employees, it is the assurance of working in a company that entrusts fulfilling missions and that allows each and every one of them to evolve in their profession. For our clients, it is the assurance of dealing with teams that are perfectly attuned to their needs!



Coffra group’s Tax Services Disclosure

Coffra group has a philosophy statement for the tax advice that they provide to their clients and their own engagement with governments and tax regulators, which is endorsed by all itsemployees providing tax related services.

Read the complete disclosure