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Establishment, development in France

Whether it is in the context of branches, permanent establishments or full-fledged companies, we assist companies in their establishment in France. We are able to advise them in their strategic choices and to help them meet the management/accounting requirements of their parent companies. Our chartered accountants have a special know-how for the subsidiaries of German companies which are setting up or have set up in France.



As specialists in the management of subsidiaries of international groups, we translate your business plan into a structure designed to guarantee your financial performance. 

We set up the basis for tax optimization, both for your subsidiary and for yourself, and for the intra-group financial processes. 

We train your teams in the specific accounting and tax requirements of France. 

We help you adapt the finance and HR modules of your ERP to French constraints. 

We support your managers in their setup in France, both on a personal and administrative level. 



The fastest and best solution to optimize and make your investment bear fruit is in some cases the acquisition of an existing company. 

 In this way, you can directly dispose of customers, products, patents and employees. Involve us from the very beginning in your acquisition plans as a competent advisor. We help you to minimize the legal risks and offer you in particular the following services for the optimal acquisition of a company: 

  • Selection of the legally and fiscally appropriate form of acquisition as well as the evaluation of the consequences in other countries 
  • Examination of all legal, tax and social aspects of the acquisition as well as financial solutions 
  • Performing a due diligence 
  • Drafting of various documents: confidentiality agreements, acquisition contracts, guarantee of assets and liabilities, liability, etc. 

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