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The recent economic situation has led automotive manufacturers, suppliers and distributors to adapt their strategy, in particular to decarbonize automotive transport, enable vehicle connectivity and focus on technologies to improve safety and driving comfort, anticipate the transformation of automotive use, but also to ensure the availability of raw materials and maintain business competitiveness.

This multi-faceted strategy is leading automotive players to redefine their operational objectives. 

Thanks to their recognized experience in the industrial and commercial sectors of the automotive market, our financial experts and our economic, social and tax lawyers accompany French, German and international manufacturers, suppliers and dealers, favoring a global approach that integrates all useful recommendations and provides the complete added value required to achieve these objectives. In particular, the tasks carried out in this area include the following: 

  • Reviewing and renegotiating contracts with customers and suppliers to ensure the flow and supply of raw materials; 
  • The identification and realization of financial and fiscal leverage in the areas of innovation and research & development ; 
  • The implementation of all necessary procedures to enable a satisfactory level of financial, legal and fiscal compliance ; 
  • Identifying the risks and opportunities associated with the adaptation, redesign and relocation of production or warehousing facilities, and assisting in the fulfillment of all related financial, legal, social and tax obligations ; 
  • Supporting the adaptation of the company size to the new challenges, defining the most relevant tools to carry out the change and accompanying the impact on human resources in terms of labor law and social security; 
  • The provision of dedicated support for the outsourcing of administrative tasks (accounting, internal control, adaptation of information systems, etc.) ; 
  • The support in the international mobility of employees of international automotive groups. 

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Specialized in the support of multinational groups in the field of transfer pricing: structuring of transfer pricing policy, documentation, support during tax audits and pre-litigation phases (hierarchical appeal) and litigations. Expert in valuation of enterprises and businesses.

Thierry LOUZIER, Senior Advisor, Head of Transfer pricing

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Specialist in legal and tax support for entrepreneurs, SMEs, mid-cap companies and French subsidiaries of foreign groups.

Stéphane THOMAS, Partner, Avocat au Barreau de Strasbourg

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