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Merger, disposal, acquisition

Specialists in cross-border Small and Mid Cap transactions, we regularly assist international companies in their acquisition or disposal of operations, whether total or partial (carve out) on French soil. With the assistance of our partners, we are able to take charge of the entire transactional process by offering a coordinated 360° vision and by playing a real facilitating role to accelerate the closing.

We provide our clients with multidisciplinary teams of professionals: auditors, lawyers, chartered accountants, tax specialists and consultants.  

In consultation with the client, they analyze and evaluate the elements of the proposed acquisition, carry out an in-depth due diligence, determine the most appropriate legal and tax arrangements and implement the transaction after validation. 

This approach is applied with the same competence to mergers, partial contributions of assets and joint ventures. The international experience of our group allows us to carry out these operations with a good knowledge of the differences in culture and mentality between each country. With a yearly practice of numerous projects, we are an interlocutor for transactions between France and Germany for the conduct of Due Diligence. 

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Our historical positioning as a privileged advisor to German Mittelstand companies regularly leads us to accompany them in their acquisition or total or partial disposal operations (carve out) on French soil. 

With the help of our partners, we are able to take charge of the entire transactional process by offering a coordinated 360° vision and by playing a real facilitating role to accelerate the closing. 


We perform an in-depth analysis of the target, taking into account the seller’s objectives and the buyer’s business plan, in order to promote the emergence of win-win agreements, based on solid foundations and guaranteeing the long-term success of the transaction. 

We are experienced in cross-border transactions and know how to avoid the accounting, tax, legal and cultural pitfalls, thus providing real added value to our clients. 


We conduct an in-depth review of the value creation elements, risks and assumptions of the business plan to identify the key points of the transaction and adjust the valuation.  

We organize the Data Room, coordinate external expertise if necessary, manage Q&A sessions and draft due diligence reports, while respecting the method and deadline requirements of the other party to the transaction. 


We accompany our clients throughout the negotiation process. Our team uses a constructive approach as well as all its technical and relational skills to encourage dialogue, even in difficult situations. 


We manage the tax aspects and social consequences of the transaction. 

We provide operational assistance in changing the target’s culture, tools and financial processes after the acquisition. 

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