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We offer project management and operational assistance services for the deployment and upgrade of the financial module of your ERP or HRIS, the intelligent automation of your processes and the improvement of the user experience of these tools.

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  • Audit of your financial management system 
  • Deployment of your ERP system 
  • Minor upgrades 
  • Version changes 
  • Cloud switchover 
  • Documentation of the new system 
  • User training 
  • Change management 
  • Dematerialized validation processes 
  • HRIS 


Implementation and control of the accounting entries file 

Parameterization of analytical natures and rules of imputation 

Valuation and management of stocks 

Processing of fixed assets 

Management of foreign exchange risk exposure 

Treatment of translation differences 

Restatement of social accounting 

Chart of accounts and linkage with the group chart of accounts 

Integration of IFRS, HGB, US-GAAP 

Definition of accounting flows 

Restatement of intra-group entries 

Integration of the legal justification of accounting treatments 

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