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International standards

Our experts often have several qualifications: Auditor, Chartered Accountant, Wirtschaftsprüfer, .... They can therefore audit the accounts of international companies in compliance with French standards of course, and international standards (IFRS / IAS, US-GAAP, HGB, ...) of the country of the parent company, Germany, United Kingdom, United States, ... in particular.

We can identify and quantify differences between French and American accounting practices and assist our clients in the implementation of American accounting principles and SEC rules. 

We also transform, at the request of our clients, the French financial statements for companies integrated in the accounts of international companies, in application of US-GAAP or IFRS / IAS. We accompany these companies throughout their transition process to these international accounting standards. Finally, we audit for some of our clients, their consolidated accounts at the global level. 

Finally, our long experience based on an in-depth knowledge of the differences in conception and regulation between Germany and France, allows us to handle the transformation of French financial statements into German financial statements (HB I and HB II). 

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