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Contractual Audits

An audit is an independent and competent examination of a company's accounts, with a view to expressing a reasoned opinion on its financial statements.

Regardless of their size, today’s companies operate in an increasingly complex and ever-changing economic environment, to which they must adapt. Their managers, in search of sustainable and balanced growth, wish to control the risks they face. 

Sometimes, French subsidiaries of international groups do not exceed the thresholds that require them to have their accounts certified by a statutory auditor. Nevertheless, the integration of these financial statements into the parent company’s consolidated financial statements requires validation by independent experts. 

We have implemented and tested an original approach that allows us to understand all the risks, taking into account the specificities of the company, its sector of activity, its profile and its stage of development. 

In addition, we can, at the request of its clients, carry out the transformation of financial statements into other accounting standards in compliance with international standards. 

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