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Renewable Energies

As long-standing advisors to pioneering companies in the renewable energy sector, Coffra Group's French and German teams have developed technical and highly specialized expertise in this market for more than twenty years. Today, our group is a partner of numerous French, German and foreign players in this sector in the development of their activities, both in France and across the Rhine.

Among the solutions we have built to assist our clients in their growth in the renewable energy sector and the ecological transition, we can mention in particular the following: 

Assistance in the sale/acquisition of wind or photovoltaic farms. 

  • Preparation of accounting and tax advice for the preparation of business plans ; 
  • Assistance in the preparation of financial projections ; 
  • Conducting due diligence (seller or buyer) ; 
  • Preparation and review of financial or tax models ; 
  • Drafting of legal acts for acquisition or divestiture ; 
  • Assistance in the pre- or post-restructuring phases. 


Financing the growth of players in the energy and environmental transition. 

  • Assistance in the preparation of financial projections ; 
  • Preparation of due diligence reports for banking institutions ; 
  • Validation of remuneration policies for intercompany loans and interest rate benchmarks ; 
  • Review and improvement of cash return processes within business groups ; 
  • Implementation and review of financial reporting tools.  


Safeguarding the organization and processes within the Business Group.  

  • Defense of sales tariffs for electricity from photovoltaic plants (compilation of dossiers before the CRE) ; 
  • Development of tools for the management of local taxes ; 
  • Accounting and tax training for internal teams of actors of the energy transition ; 
  • Assistance in the implementation of all compliance obligations from an accounting, legal and tax point of view (preparation of financial statements, tax formalities and legal secretariat for companies carrying assets to generate electricity) ; 
  • Securing and optimizing intra-group flows (transfer pricing in France and abroad, review and benchmark of intra-group service contracts, etc.) ; 
  • Operational reinforcement in the areas of accounting, finance, legal and tax ; 
  • Audit of accounts and financial statements of subsidiaries operating electricity generation plants. 


Specialized services for sustainable development and environmental transition actors. 

Thanks to their experience in developing the new sectors of the energy transition, our teams also work alongside pioneering and innovative companies in sustainable development and the environmental transition, providing them with agile, innovative and secure solutions, including : 

  • Organizational and contractual assurance of the new business models developed by the companies of the ecological transition;
  • Implementation and improvement of the processes that structure the companies in this sector;
  • Assistance at international level, securing and optimizing flows at fiscal, customs, contractual and financial levels. 

Our teams dedicated to this assistance are particularly committed, as they have been trained to face the challenges of climate change. We accompany innovat

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